5 Most Common Problems When Creating Your First Offer

February 4, 2021

You’ve taken the leap toward building your dream life.

You’ve done all the hard work.

And now it’s time to reap the rewards.

If you’ve arrived at the stage where you’re creating your first offer, congratulations! You’re brave enough to follow your dreams and build a life on your own terms. 

In order to make your dream a bit more sustainable (and a lot more successful!), here are some common issues to consider before launching your first-ever business offer!

1. You didn’t niche down

First off, let me say I’m absolutely certain your product or service is amazing!

The thing is, you can’t go about creating a product that’s a good fit for everyone. A product for everyone ends up serving no one!

Instead, focus on niching down not only your business but your products as well. The more specific your product is, the easier it’s going to be to attract your ideal client.

Pro tip: A good way to do this is to build each product around a specific buyer persona!

2. You didn’t focus on solving a problem

One of my favorite notions goes like this: you don’t sell products or services, you sell solutions.

Bearing in mind what we’ve said in #1, shape your offer in a way that solves a particular problem for a particular niche.

Let’s say you’re a social media educator. Instead of selling one social media course, diversify by offering several different courses. Maybe you can create a course on successfully running a Facebook group and a different one for pinning on Pinterest instead of putting everything in one place!

That way, you become laser-focused not only with your niche but with your offer as well!

3. You didn’t put a plan in place to promote your offer

Selling gives you the chills? You’re not alone!

A lot of people have internal resistance when it comes to selling.

However, push the image of the sleazy car salesman out of your mind. You’re not tricking people into anything – you’re simply letting them know you have a product that can solve one of their problems!

Also, here’s your reminder to be strategic about your launch. Have a plan that helps you map out every single step of the way!

4. You’re underselling yourself

Talking about selling, here’s something else I’d like to mention…

When it comes to pricing your product, don’t forget about the value proposition.

Nowadays, it’s no longer about how much time you’ve spent working on that product or what are the actual costs associated with it… it’s all about how much value that product is going to bring to someone!

Now, if your offer can change someone else’s life, then don’t be afraid to price it accordingly. Trust me, the right people are going to pay!

5. You didn’t build an audience first

Creating an offer for an audience you already have (and know!) is a lot easier than shooting in the blank and hoping someone notices.

Basically, focus first on getting people to notice and then present them an offer!

To start off, you can build your audience by promoting your newsletter & social media channels, doing vlogs, recording a podcast… don’t forget about Facebook groups too!

On top of that, your audience can give you honest feedback that you can later use to polish and refine your offer furthermore.

Solve this – and a lot of other! – first-time problems with Your Passion-Based Business, a comprehensive 12-week program created specifically to guide you through the beginning stages of launching your business!

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