Fully Expressed: Your Way of Being Blueprint for Creating Entirely Different Outcomes

With Stephenie Zamora

When we want to create change, we automatically resort to what we’re doing. We try to do the things successful, happy people do or simply attempt to “do more” of whatever we believe will produce our desired outcomes.

But if we’re not showing up fully aligned and fully expressed, it’s impossible to experience true transformation. We’ll always be limited to slow, incremental changes that sort of, in some ways, alter our life and experience. Or, we’ll create different outcomes followed by immediate (and repetitive) self-sabotage.

This is about our way of being in the world—energetically and on a soul level. It’s not “fake it ’til you make it”; it’s the full embodiment of the self who has the things you desire, regardless of your present circumstances or anything you might be walking through.

In this transformational talk, Stephenie will walk your audience through the process of creating a unique Way of Being Blueprint that shifts the pathways to what’s possible.

Actionable takeaways:

  • What it means for you to be the most fully expressed version of yourself, and how to tap into that future consciousness and bring it into the now.
  • The power of understanding your energetics and knowing how you’re uniquely wired, and when to break the rules of your personality type to create freedom and agility.
  • How to graduate from a “fake it ’til you make it” mentality and step into full embodiment so that you can create true transformation, not slow, incremental changes.
  • How to permanently rewire your beliefs and subconscious operating system, so you’re not getting bogged down by limiting thinking or deep-rooted fears.

Let's help your audience show up fully expressed and create powerful new outcomes! 

This topic can be presented as a podcast interview, guest expert training, keynote talk, or interactive workshop.