Journey Mapping: Find Healing, Wholeness, and Purpose in the Aftermath of Challenging Chapters

With Stephenie Zamora

We all go through challenging chapters and big life transitions, including grief and loss, trauma and abuse, divorce, relocation, job loss, and more.

These things shift the ground beneath our feet and can change absolutely everything about us and our lives in the process.

Nothing is as maddening as standing in the middle of your own life, feeling as if you're hanging on by your fingernails—completely and utterly disoriented by the people and things you worked so hard to surround yourself with. Feeling entirely uncertain of how to find your way "back" to yourself, your life, your work, and your relationships. But there is no going back; there's only navigating your way forward into what's next and who you're becoming as a result of everything.

In this signature talk, Stephenie will share her proven, five-phase Journey Mapping™ process for rising up and coming back in the aftermath of challenging chapters and big life transitions.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Create a map (that’s as unique as you are) for navigating your “return” from this experience with far more peace and ease.
  • Understand the two common "choice points" that leave most of us stuck and what you need to do to move past them so that you can get back in motion quickly.
  • Learn the three components to finding your way forward: reorienting, renegotiation, and release, and when to activate each one for rapid growth and healing.
  • Have a deeper understanding of what you've been through, who you're becoming, and what it will take to create exactly what you desire from here (or figure out what you now desire!)
  • Learn how to step into what's next: the next level work, the new way of being in the world, and the supportive relationships.

Let's help your audience find healing and wholeness in the aftermath of challenging chapters!

This topic can be presented as a podcast interview, guest expert training, keynote talk, or interactive workshop.