The 5 Steps to Creating a Unique Map for Your Journey

with Stephenie Zamora

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a map for navigating the unpredictable journey that is living this life? That map exists (but it's not an "everything happens for a reason, and one day you'll see all the good and gifts" blueprint for healing, growth, or purposeful living). It's a real map that's just for you and your experience. 

To finally understand the purpose of the path you're on and the reason you've had to go through everything you've experienced. Anyone looking to grow, heal, or do the impossible can create this map through my signature five-phase Journey Mapping™ process!

Actionable takeaways:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the journey you're on and where you are inside it.
  • Learn what it takes to rise up and come back in the aftermath of these chapters, and develop the necessary and essential skills for navigating your 'return' with more ease.
  • Understand the two common 'choice points' that leave most of us stuck, as well as what you need to do to move past them so that you can get back in motion quickly.
  • Get clear on what comes next for you, your life, your work, and your relationships.

Help your audience find healing and a new sense of wholeness, uncover the purpose of their path, and make the impossible happen!