Thread the Storyline: Uncover the Purpose of Your Path

With Stephenie Zamora

For many, the idea of purpose is frustrating because it feels ever-elusive and impossible to pin down. But life's purpose is straightforward:

Show up, be you, and do what you feel called to do. It's about contributing to the world in the way only you can, at whatever scale feels suitable. Still, it can feel impossible to find our purpose!

Your purpose has been hardcoded into you since before you were born. But often, that purpose lies dormant as we try to navigate this world. It gets buried beneath the many layers of obligation and expectation.

Some people come across their purpose early in life. But for many, it takes a truly challenging chapter to activate us. To crack us so far open that we can no longer live out of alignment with our deepest truth. It's time to thread that storyline and uncover the purpose of the path you're walking, and that's exactly what we'll be diving into in this profound conversation.

In this talk, Stephenie gives actionable tools and processes to start utilizing this process to feel clear and confident about what your unique purpose is in the world.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Start identifying the unique purpose that's been hardcoded into you.
  • Understand how life has been shaping you and how to use everything you've learned and gained along the way.
  • Actionable tools and processes to start doing this work for yourself immediately.
  • Feel clear and confident about what your unique purpose is.

Let's help your audience uncover their purpose! 

This topic can be presented as a podcast interview, guest expert training, keynote talk, or interactive workshop.