Looking at the Ordinary World

If you’re in this stage, you’re beginning to understand ‘where you came from’—where your current journey began—and what you’re carrying forward with you that you need to release attachment to in order to grow... such as your winning strategy, old ecology, old ways of being and beliefs, subconscious programming, and the like. Knowing where you started and what the ‘invitation of your soul’ is gives you a sense of where you are on the journey so you’re better able to orient and ultimately move forward.

In order to move through the second stage, you must develop:

  • A clear sense of where you started, what ‘the world before’ is related to this journey.
  • An awareness of your ‘winning strategies’, current ecology, ways of being, subconscious programming, and beliefs.
  • An acceptance of the ‘invitation of your soul’ in one way or another.