Navigating the Special World

You’re in this stage if you’re beginning to build confidence in yourself and you’re gathering more tools and support for digging into the challenging phases of the journey. You understand that things have changed—that you have changed, as well as how much so—and that the only way ‘back’ is through. You must now navigate and complete your hero’s journey by going through the phases of this ‘special world’, preparing for ‘death and rebirth’ so you can step into what ‘s next.

In order to move through the third stage, you must develop:

  • A connection to and an ability to utilize mentors, including your own ‘inner mentors’.
  • Clarity around the role relationships play and a feeling that you are fully supported in your relationships.
  • An awareness of how current challenges are shaping you on this journey.
  • A willingness and ability to surrender to ‘death and rebirth’ in all forms.