Aligning Purpose With Faith

April 24, 2021

Aligning purpose with faith (along with weaving in all the joy possible) has been my practice lately.

Adopting new ways of being that are more aligned with what I say I want. Integrating new beliefs and thought patterns. Asking myself different questions to shift the lens I use to engage with the world.

Questions like…

What if I trusted in the abundance and support of the universe, choosing to energized faith over fear?

What if I leaned into my purpose even more fully, every moment of every single day?

What if I prioritized pleasure and joy above all else, regardless of external circumstances or other people’s expectations?

What would these things really look like?

It’s been a fruitful experiment so far, and I keep deepening into it more and more. I can feel in my bones that it’s going to open up so much possibility for me around things that have long felt unreachable.

If you’re feeling stuck, what questions can you ask to start producing different outcomes and experiences? What questions might lead you to the insight and information necessary for adopting new ways of being? What questions would help you see things from a new perspective, one that’s more aligned with who you want to become and the work you want to do?

Ask and sit with them.
Explore and experiment.
Lean in more fully every day.

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