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June 19, 2015


I’m in Boulder and life is good.

I’m exhausted and worn out from all it took to get myself here, but I’m finally done with Thornton for good.

There have been hikes with my favorite friends, and the perfect trail that’s just a five minute walk from my door. Darts, dance parties well into the wee hours of the morning, and donuts with people who make me laugh so hard it hurts. There’s been learning to brew my own kombucha tea with friends that are now just minutes from me. Reading, writing, and writing some more… because I started writing a book that’s stretching my soul in ways I can’t even describe. Picking fresh strawberries, swinging kettle bells, walks around the park, lots of raccoons, and conversations with people who know me to my core. About love and loss and the ways we learn from one another in this life.

There have been tears. Many, many tears… because life is a beautiful, amazing disaster and sometimes that’s exhausting and overwhelming. Other times it’s so truly remarkable that I don’t have any other way to process the awesome people and experiences I get to have.

Then there’s the work I get to do, the work I feel so deeply called to do. Just earlier this week someone looked at my words and said to me, “you must have it all figured out.” And I laughed so hard it made me cry, because no, I definitely don’t have it all figured out. Not even close. So much of the work I do and the words I write are as much for me as for whoever else needs to hear them. Sometimes this work requires me to step up in ways I feel so far from ready for, and I’m forced to stretch and grow and show up more fully than in the past.

Sometimes this work asks so much of me that it brings me to tears, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes, life is good. So very, very good.

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