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August 14, 2021

Around here, I had my last process of the summer as part of a trainer’s training I’ve been participating in. It was gentle and intense in the most incredible ways. I looked at an old memory from childhood that was filled with fear and hopelessness, pulling forth a sense of purpose and direction that will guide me in many areas. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity. It was absolutely awful and gutting, but exactly what was needed for me to continuing leveling up in my life. and I’m so excited to be able to bring these processes to my clients as well.

Around here, I’ve been meandering around back roads and finding beautiful new places to explore. Being outside is my favorite, and I’m so glad I made it a priority and organized my life in such a way that there’s now plenty of space for it.

Around here, I had an encounter that truly changed the game for me. It gave me a completely new point of reference for how I want to feel in certain relationships and situations that I never could have defined before. It left me in a mess of tears because it made me realize that I’m deserving of the best from other people—and absolutely nothing less—I just have to start acting like it and expecting more.

Around here, I’m focused on my health and fitness. I had adrenal fatigue crop up (again!) the first several months of the year due to an emergency room visit that triggered old trauma and the stress of my unraveling relationship. I gained a bunch of weight from it and have spent the summer easing myself back into exercise and tweaking my supplements and nutrition. My energy has returned, I’ve shed some of the extra weight, and I’m beginning to really push my fitness again now that I know my adrenals can handle it. It feels amazing, and I set the goal of getting in the best shape of my life this year because there are so many things I want to do!

Around here, I’m nerding out on SEO (search engine optimization), marketing, and analytics. Quitting social media has felt AMAZING so far. I feel more peaceful, life seems quieter in the best ways, and I’m not on my phone nearly as much. Plus, I’m already feeling more creative and motivated in ways I haven’t since… gosh, well before my loss and trauma. I’ll share a post on what we’re doing for SEO soon!

Around here, we’re enjoying being able to open the sliding door and windows again without a swarm of bugs coming in to escape the heat. It was nice and cool with all the storms, and I’ve never been so happy to see temps in the low 90s.

Around here, some of my very fun adventures got postponed due to the Glenwood Canyon closure and nobody (me especially) wanted to deal with the traffic on alternate routes. I still managed to have some fun adventures out west, though, and I know there will be plenty of time to adventure this fall. I’m excited for everyone to go back to their school year schedules so it’s less busy out in the world!

Around here, I’m grateful for people who show up without you having to ask. Who pick up the phone and check in on you, give you ideas and advice, and ask questions about your day and how you feel. I’m so excited for this next season of my life because I’m already calling in such incredible new souls.

Around here, I launched a new YouTube series! I’ll be sharing a new video every Tuesday, with new vlogs rolling out (most, lol) Thursdays with a peek into my world.

My writing has moved to Substack!

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