Backtracking When the Unknown Feels Like Too Much

May 24, 2021

I’m a list maker.

Anytime I’m anchoring into new beliefs and ways of being or trusting in myself after deciding to let something go, I make lists.

They come in all sizes, but their intention is the same: to give me a point of reference. To remind me of what I’m doing and why and what thought patterns or paradigms are needed and necessary.

These lists have been my saving grace as of late. I’m anchoring into so many new ways of being after big breakthroughs and rapid up-leveling, all while letting go of aspects of myself, my life, and my business that have kept me stuck, stagnant, or stalled out.

Because sometimes I want to quit.
Sometimes I want to go back.
Sometimes it’s absolutely gutting.

This is normal, of course. The disorientation and discomfort. The desire to backtrack because the unknown feels like too much.

But I have my lists. I have my points of reference and reminders. And I make it a practice to read them regularly until they’re anchored deep into my mind and body.

What are you working to create, and who do you need to be to have it?

More importantly, what will you do to root into the new beliefs, ways of being, and paradigms that align you with your desires?

There are many ways to create this point of reference, such as vision boards, books of other people’s stories, coaches, good friends that hold your feet to the fire, etc.

It really doesn’t matter what you choose. Just that you anchor in, reminding yourself why it matters and what it will take to get there in whatever ways you can.

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