Balancing in Chaos

March 19, 2019

Everything is always expanding.
Creativity. Love. Trust. Faith. Knowledge.

Everyone is always growing and changing.
Opening. Learning. Creating. Becoming.

Everything is always ending.
Expiring. Breaking. Moving. Dying.

Life is never set in stone.

It will never be consistent or dependable.

I don’t care how many structures or routines you put in place, it will all change… sometimes in an instant. And the more tightly you grip onto the pieces you believe bring you balance, the harder you’re going to crash when it inevitably falls away.

The trick is learning how to balance on the summit of Mt. Chaos. To be quick, nimble, and trusting in your own self… your own mind and body. While we’re wired to fear change, we’re also hard coded to adapt. We’re designed to survive. To find a way. To persevere when things are most challenging. To fight against the current that tries to drag us under.

So when the ground shifts beneath your feet, trust that part of yourself that’s wired to move. To pivot. To adapt. Trust that part that’s designed to keep you alive, and learn to shift with the ground as it moves beneath you. To find a new center when the one that held you upright is no longer there.

Everything is always changing.
Even when things appear to be still.
Especially when you begin counting on things as certain.

Learn to uproot yourself when your foundation falls away.

Learn to fly, floating just above the surface until it’s time to land.

And trust that you’ll know when it’s time to land, as well as where.

You’re far wiser than you give yourself credit for.

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