Can You Start a Business While Working FULL-TIME?

April 19, 2020

Truth be told, quitting your full-time job and jumping right into entrepreneurship may not be everyone’s cup of tea! Especially when the economy is feeling a bit unstable.

And that’s completely fine. It doesn’t make you any less of an entrepreneur.

However, before you completely give up on your dream life, consider this option: start your business while keeping your full-time job.

Of course, that’s not always the easiest path to take, but it may prove to be exactly the path you need right now! AND—it’s a way to stay sane and connected to yourself when things are uncertain.

Here’s a bit more information on why this type of arrangement works for some people and how you can get started!

Not sure whether that’s the right thing for you?

Here are the top reasons why you can – and you should! – start your own hustle while keeping your 9-to-5 job.

  • You’ll feel a lot less pressure, which in turn helps you make better business decisions
  • You’ll feel much more comfortable taking risks – after all, you do still have a job!
  • You won’t have to worry about providing for your family and putting food on the table
  • You’ll be less stressed and thus – much more creative!

Now, time to take some action!

If all of that sounds like something more down your lane, then let’s see how you can make it work.

Commit to a routine.

If you’re going to do both things for a while, then Google Calendar is going to become your BFF.

For starters, decide how much time you’re able to invest. Is it two hours per day? Is it four hours per week?

Let’s say, some people wake up an hour earlier and work for a bit before leaving for work. Others make up for the lost time during the weekends!

However, your schedule doesn’t matter as much as your commitment. Whatever routine you decide upon, stick to it.

It’s way better to work on your dreams only for two hours each week – a total of 8 hours per month, btw – than not work at all!

Be strategic.

Since your time will – most likely – be limited, you’ll have to be very strategic about every single move you take.

Let’s say, if you want to start doing social media marketing, don’t fall in the trap thinking you can grow every social media channel out there (big brands are doing that because they have whole teams in charge of different channels!)

In this case, your best move is to stick to the one that your target audience is using the most.

The golden rule? Don’t try to do everything. Do the ONE thing that’s going to bring you the best results!

Delegate the work you’re not an expert in.

Make things easy for yourself – at least in the beginning.

If you think you can spend some time to learn something new, by all means, go for it!

However, if you don’t know how to do something, and that something’s keeping you stuck for weeks or months… delegate, delegate, delegate!

At the moment, time is your most precious resource. Remember, your goal is to develop a business, not to become an expert in web development or paid ads.

Momentum over perfection.

As much as we’d like to think we’re in control, don’t forget that sometimes, life happens.

There might be weeks or even months where you make a lot less progress than you were hoping for. And that’s okay – it doesn’t have to be perfect to work!

As long as the needle keeps moving and you’re seeing progress, no matter how minimal, you’re moving in the right direction.

Learn from the best.

Again, your schedule is probably going to get pretty hectic.  

Don’t waste precious time trying to figure out everything on your own – have someone show you the way!

There’s nothing more liberating than knowing someone’s been where you are now and they’ve come out of it as a winner.

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