Colorado Bucket List: Denver Art Museum

August 7, 2014


Last weekend I found out the Denver Art Museum was having it’s monthly free day, so I decided to check it off my Colorado Bucket List!

I wasn’t having the best day, so I got myself dressed up and headed down to the museum for a me date. I’d been to the old art museum that’s shaped like a castle a couple times while I was in college, but I’d never been to the new museum. I remember driving home from school and seeing the museum being built, so it was fun to finally go inside this very interestingly shaped building.

I wandered around for a couple hours and explored the building, looked at a ton of awesome art (and some odd/interesting things in “contemporary art”), went out on the overlook to see the skyline, and walked the bridge to the old museum.

I got to see the Beyond Pop Art: A Tom Wesselmann Retrospective exhibit, which was pretty amazing. Above are a couple other artists I really loved. Overall, it was a fun trip and I’m so glad I finally made it to the museum. Definitely something I want to hit again before leaving.

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