Colorado Bucket List: Dinosaur Ridge and Triceratops Trail

July 24, 2014

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On a whim last Saturday afternoon, I decided to choose an item off my Colorado Bucket List.

After realizing many things were either not free (just spent a lot of money in Portland and feeling the frugal!), going to be crazy busy because of the weekend, or more than 3 hours away, I settled on Dinosaur Ridge!

My guy and I headed on down to just south of Golden and paid our $2 admission to a teeny tiny exhibit hall. It had a pretty awesome Triceratops skull, but was otherwise dated and lacking things to look at. But, it was only $2 and the admissions man was super sweet.

We then headed up the road and did the little 3mi out and back walk where we saw dinosaur footprints and bones in the sides of the mountain. Pretty cool and fascinating to see… we also had a good view of Bandimere Speedway and watched some cars duel it out on the track.

After the down and back walk, we drive to Golden to do another short 3mi down and back walk on Triceratops Trail! It was mostly indented dino tracks and butted right up to a golf course, but it was still a fun little jaunt.

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