Compounding, Accelerating, and Amplifying the Good

June 29, 2022

I’ve been compounding, accelerating, and amplifying the good.

The joy and delight, tapped in and turned on. The expansion and excitement, even when fear or sadness is present. The creativity, inspiration, and most epic visions for myself and my business, even when I’m overwhelmed or exhausted.

Taking the smallest bits of goodness and exponentially increasing them in every moment. Holding the duality of experience and staying plugged in to who I’m here to be and what I’m dead set on creating.

It’s shifted my body and energy.

The results in my life and business.

And it’s only going to continue expanding.

As with most things worth doing, this work is a choice and a practice.

It’s not always an easy one, and sometimes it takes some serious centering to find the tiniest morsel of expansion in my body, followed by heaps of effort to crank up the volume. But I do it anyway, and it’s been worth it in ways that continue revealing themselves.

As with most things worth doing, it can feel silly and pointless.

Marveling at how the sun bounces off the buildings and delighting at a 10c drop in gas prices. But eventually, it becomes second nature to be in gratitude, appreciation, and delight. It becomes your primary mode of operation to feel lit up and expanded despite contraction and chaos.

And what happens when our frequency stays high and aligned? The world begins to reconfigure around us. Amazing people, experiences, and opportunities reflect back, and we access new pathways and possibilities as our field and capacity widen.

Compound every bit of good you can.

Plug into the expansive frequencies.

And watch amazing things begin to unfold.

If you’re stuck in heaviness and contraction, chaos and darkness, join me next Tuesday for our Call of The Void workshop… we’ll be talking ALL about how to move through these experiences and shift the energies into more expansive and catalyzing frequencies.

Register here.

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