Do Something Different

July 31, 2018

How do you create changes?
You do something different.

Take a different action.
Make different choices.
Walk in a different direction.
Let something or someone go.
Start showing up new ways.
Set different boundaries.

Once we’re aware of our patterns, repeating them becomes a choice. It’s not easy to make new and different or better choices… but it’s possible. It’s always possible.

I hurt my heart yesterday. Big time. But the way I hurt my heart by taking a different action and making a different choice didn’t hurt nearly as much as staying in a pattern I was 100% aware of. Not even close.

Choice is hard.
Change is challenging.
Choosing a new way of being is painful at times.

But staying small and operating from old patterns you’re aware of is excruciating.

Choice is hard, but it’s always possible.
What will you choose today?


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