Don’t Retreat

July 18, 2017

Don’t retreat.

When you do the work of changing how you show up in the world so you can create something new and different and better, things can get… hard.

You start bumping up against the current limits of what you know yourself to be capable of creating. You push your edges. You stretch your heart and soul. You start manifesting different experiences. But things also start to feel more challenging and overwhelming… even frustrating.

So… you want to retreat.
To go back to what’s safe and familiar.
To settle back into the comfort of your well worn groove.

Instead, choose to breathe through the discomfort. To face into the parts that are challenging and overwhelming with as much love and grace as you can muster. Choose to ask for help where you need it. To be gentle with yourself as you push well beyond your comfort zone. To stay strong and committed despite all the ways you feel unsteady on your own two feet.

This is a choice point.

Move into the next level of living and loving and creating.
Or retreat back to what’s familiar and known.

What will you choose?


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