Embrace the “Woo”

February 11, 2015

Once upon a time, I rolled my eyes at the “woo:” people who had gemstones, tarot and angel cards; people who said things like “step into the flow” and referred to “The Universe” as if it was something other than a bunch of stars and planets swirling around aimlessly; people who talked about energy, divine guidance, manifesting and all that “silly, woo woo” stuff.

You know, people like me.

The “me” then would have rolled her eyes at the “me” now.

But the “me” now feels pretty sad for her because she was totally out of alignment with herself and yes, the flow. She had tucked away her intuition and was so wrapped up in other people’s energies that she couldn’t feel her own. She thought she had to do it all alone, and not just from a “receiving help from other people” perspective, but in a “there’s nothing at all divine about this life” perspective.

And I get it.

It can’t be seen or touched in a traditionally tangible way.

It can be felt, but we often aren’t tuned in enough to notice.
It can be experienced, but we often brush it off as coincidence.
It can be seen, but we often refuse to acknowledge it for what it is.

But one day I started listening.

I opened my eyes and I started acknowledging what was really going on around and within me. And everything changed. I started listening to the tiny whispers from within, but more importantly, I started acting on those tiny whispers. And everything started falling into place.

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