Experience is Rooted in the Past

October 2, 2018

Some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people hurt me the most last year… because I gave them and their “wisdom” more weight than they deserved.

Knowing things about stuff is not always enough.
Even if you know a lot of things about a lot of stuff.

Especially when “knowing things” leads you to think you know what’s going on for someone else, without taking the time and care to TRULY show up, be present, ask questions, and listen.

Having vast experience is not always enough.
Even if you have more experience than anyone you know.

Especially because “experience” is rooted in the past. It is based on a unique perception and relationship to what once happened, and is certainly not a universal truth.

Our situations and experiences are not “textbook,” they’re individual. If you’re not actually accounting for someone’s personality, unique experience, perceptions, traumas, beliefs, culture, etc, you’re more likely to get it wrong… and sometimes “getting it wrong” does a lot more damage than you realize (and certainly more than you ever intended).

The only way to have a chance in hell of “getting it right” is to be curious, ask questions, and seek to TRULY understand.

All that to say… never give your power to anyone or anything outside yourself. Nobody knows more about what you’re going through than you, and nobody can actually help you if they’re not taking YOU and YOUR unique experience into account. Nobody knows what’s “right” and what’s “wrong” for you and your life.

Be discerning and trust yourself.

Watch my latest vlog on how this has shown up for me lately…

Where can you seek better understanding? And how will you start standing up for yourself when other’s aren’t showing up and seeking to truly understand YOU and YOUR situation?

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