Feeling Raw and Ready to Rise

October 29, 2017


That’s how I’d describe myself as October comes to a close. As I head into the last two days of leadership training in Canada.

And ready.

So, so ready for what comes next.

This month challenged me in the absolute best and most needed ways. It stretched me, opened me, and asked me if I was really ready to step into who I’m here to be and the work I feel called to do. If I’m ready to own my power and allow all that’s inside me to be shared with the world. If I’m ready to do what it takes to see my vision through to the next stage.

It showed me where I’ve been playing small and dimming my light. Where I’ve let fear and old wounding or trauma keep me stuck. It reminded me just how strong my voice is and how impactful I can be when I truly show up.

I still have a ways to go with my healing, but it no longer gets to be the reason I stay small and spinning and sometimes stagnant. I’m no longer in the phase of pause and rest and waiting for insight or answers. I have everything I need right now.

It’s time to really rise.
To show up more fully and completely.
To take my work to a new level.

The rising is a process that began about two years ago when I realized I had to CHOOSE to come back from the grips of grief and trauma… and that I had to continue to make that choice every moment of every single day.

And now I’m CHOOSING to step fully into the next chapter. The next season of living and loving and giving my gifts to the world.

Rising is a choice we have to make consciously. Everything always comes back to choice.

Rise baby, rise. ✨

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