Finding Your North Star

March 4, 2021

I’m not afraid of the losses that come with growth anymore.

That doesn’t mean I want them or that they won’t break my heart.

It just means I’m not afraid to lose what needs to be lost for me to become who I’m here to be. To have the life I desire. To live my purpose and leave my mark on this world.

I’m not afraid of letting go.⁣
I’m not afraid of what others think.⁣
I’m not afraid to raise my standards.⁣
I’m not afraid to ask for or even demand more.⁣
I’m not afraid to let outdated parts of myself or my life die.

There’s a deep level of grief that comes with this release of fear. Grief for all the times we’ve settled or stayed small, for all we could have been but never allowed ourselves to become. Grief for everything we kept longer than we should have, and everything we know we’re going to lose going forward.

And there’s something ironically terrifying about realizing you’re no longer afraid… because there’s no more anchor. And suddenly, everything changes; everything opens and expands. Suddenly you’re standing in entirely new terrain without a map.

But even when we don’t have a map, we always have a compass.

We always have our inner knowing and truth to guide us forward. And we always have the burning desires in our hearts that call us into what’s next with that nervous, excited energy despite the grief. We can always find our bearings and point ourselves toward our own north star.

Trust the process.⁣
Surrender to the unfolding.⁣
Grieve, but don’t fear the losses.

It’s an essential part of growth and healing.

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