From an Idea to Launch in 3 Easy Steps

July 5, 2020

You can feel it: your next big thing is here.

You know you’re ready to share your knowledge with the world.

You have the idea. You have the audience.

And you’re ready to create your first actual product!

No matter whether you’re planning on creating your first e-book, podcast, or online course, here’s a little something to help set you up for success.

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Does your audience need this?

Before you even spend an hour working on something, think about this:

Does my audience want/need this – or do I want to talk about it?

You know, you can be very passionate about your product and pour your heart and soul into it. However, if that something doesn’t provide value to your audience, it won’t be successful!

I’ve seen dozens of great ideas fail just because they weren’t the right fit for that particular audience at the time.

(Note: You CAN create what you want and find the audience, it just takes a bit more time, intention, and strategy!)

Don’t make that mistake! 

Do your homework and ask your audience what they want!

You can talk to them, message them directly, and even do a survey if necessary. Better yet, have them tell you what they want!

Ask them what’s their number one problem at the moment – how can you help them solve that problem? – and take it from there.

Set your launch plan in stone

Launching your first product is so much more than just creating the content and hitting the publish button on the sales page.

Actually, that’s the easy part!

The hard part?

Sticking to the goals you’ve set and promoting what you’ve just created!

And making that work is no coincidence, it’s a strategy!

Here’s an example of a launch plan

  • Proper market research to make sure this product is what your audience needs and wants!
  • Set goals and break them into smaller milestones to help you stay on track
  • Work on the marketing strategy – How are you going to get your audience excited about your new product? How are you going to be getting new leads?  
  • Have promotional content ready beforehand – social media posts, images, emails, blog posts, and sales pages, to name a few! Think more about providing value and less about selling.
  • Have testimonials/results to back up your product and drive even deeper trust between you and your audience!
  • Do a pre-launch first – to test the waters and fix any mistakes

Of course, it goes without saying that you may need to modify this to suit your needs but give or take, this is what you’re roughly going to need for a successful product launch!

Look for guidance

If this is the first time you’re doing a product launch, don’t do everything on your own. It’s impossible and honestly, very frustrating!

Look for guidance. There are ways to learn how to do this like a pro!  

You can read a few books. You can talk to others who’ve walked the path. And you can work with a mentor and save yourself a lot of heartache down the road. 😉

Ready to launch your product?

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