Graduating From Certain Levels of Awareness

June 30, 2021

Graduating from certain levels of awareness, beliefs, and ways of being is one of the most challenging things we can do.

Leaving behind a level of relationship, saying no to a particular type of work or experience, setting boundaries, and calling in more aligned opportunities.

We think it will be exciting and energizing, something worth celebrating and relishing in. And while those elements are in the mix, there’s also a lot of grief and struggle. You’re leaving behind the known and familiar, and our subconscious actively (and aggressively) fights against anything new and unknown.

Even if we consciously want it, it’s a challenge.

Even as we’re consciously doing the work to level up, we’re coming head to head with our most favorite forms of self-sabotage. Things get hard, everything hits the fan, and we can even feel devastated and lost.

But here’s the truth: nothing’s wrong.

This is what’s supposed to happen when we level up. There’s supposed to be grief for what we’re leaving behind and what we tolerated for far too long. There’s supposed to be doubt and wobbles and a disorienting level of terror and fear. Everything going to chaos is par for the course as our new stance creates a ripple in the world around us, knocking things off-kilter as it goes.

Nothing’s wrong.
We’re exactly where we’re supposed to be.
This is simply what it feels like to level up.

We have to have the skill and resources to navigate our way through to the other side.

And we have to stay firmly rooted in who we’re becoming and what we want to create for ourselves. We have to desire the things we want more than we desire the comfort of the old.

This is far from easy work, but you don’t have to do it alone. I’ve developed a whole five-phase process to help you access the resources you already have available to you—internally and externally—so you can move through to the other side more quickly.

Join me for our free Journey Mapping intro session to learn what these five stages are and where you’re currently at. We’ll cover questions you can reflect on and actions you can take to move forward more rapidly!

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