Learning to Hold a Higher Level Frequency

May 21, 2022

I’ve learned so much about working with my emotions over the last several years, but this latest lesson takes the cake.

Learning to hold a higher level frequency—one that aligns me with the people, things, and experiences I desire—while also making space to feel my feelings as they arise.

Learning to stay in joy despite the sadness.

Learning to keep my energetic state expanded despite overwhelm and chaos.

Learning to remain delighted despite the frustration.

Much of what’s taught around manifestation and making impossible things happen is centered around bypassing. Sadness, overwhelm, frustration, and the like are “bad” and “low vibration” states that should be avoided at all costs.

But all that does is make us sick and muted, keeping parts that require healing from ever receiving clearing and care.

Emotions are healthy and natural.

Every single one.

The work isn’t about bypassing them but learning to hold dual experiences without negating one with the other. Learning to feel what needs to be felt without being knocked off-center or out of certain states.

Your joy, expansion, and delight don’t need to negate your sadness, pain, or frustration, just as those contractive emotions don’t need to negate or diminish the expansive states.

It can be both.

It IS both.

Living this truth is a practice and an art, one that brings so much richness and peace.

Once you understand the frequency of your fullest expression, purpose, and joy, it becomes easier to find and align inside even the most chaotic storms. Once you learn to hold both, it becomes easier to detach from the stories of smallness as you let your feelings move through and out of you. And once you learn how to embody new ways of being, it becomes second nature to return to those higher frequency states, no matter what’s happening around you.

This is the work.

This is what creates undeniable magnetism.

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