How We Experience More Magic in Life

May 12, 2021

The more we honor our hearts and align with our truth, the more magic we experience. The more we find ourselves swimming in synchronicities and support, new opportunities and experiences.

The more we lean into and prioritize our joy above all else, the more beauty arrives. The more we find ourselves having a love affair with life. It starts out small and subtle but expands exponentially day in and out.

The more we choose this life and everything we desire, the more it chooses us back. The more we become a clearing for what we want to arrive, and the more rapidly the world begins to reconfigure around us.

But choice is key, and it’s not just an intellectual, “I want that.”

It’s not even the impulse of desire.

It’s choosing it.

Full body, mind, heart, and soul, organizing your entire self around it. Moving steadfastly toward it with everything you do. Holding the vision in your mind’s eye and aligning yourself in every possible way.

It’s taking actions and engaging in conversations that clearly state, “I want this, and I’m willing to do everything it takes to have it.”

So, think about what you want.

Have you truly chosen it?
Or do you just really want it?

Because there’s a massive difference.

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