I’m in Motion on So Many Things

November 6, 2022

I’m in motion on so many things, and it feels good.

There was a period this spring before I clicked back into gear where I would struggle with bouts of frustration. Visceral, debilitating, crazy-making frustration would envelop my entire being, sending me into a spiral.

Things weren’t moving fast enough.

I had the urge to create but lacked clarity.

I felt angry and depressed.

I believed I was stuck and stalled.

And after the stagnation of the year before (as necessary and incredibly healing as it was), feeling like I couldn’t get in motion triggered panic. These bouts lasted a day usually, which wasn’t really anything I needed to be concerned about. Yet my body still went into fight or flight each time, and I’d drop into an immediate war within myself.

“You’re in process,” my therapist would say, reminding me to land where I was and enjoy the moments and lessons in front of me.

I learned to soften into presence.

I deepened my relationship with surrender.

I worked on my energetics and mindset so I could trust that things were constantly aligning, even if I couldn’t see them yet.

I healed the trauma of the year before.

I lived my joy with devotion.

And here I am today, in motion on so many things.

Prepping my camper (which finally has power!) and learning new skills with more ease every day. Forming new relationships and deepening others. Exploring the magic of the desert and making plans to travel with the ones I love. Healing my body. Leaning into a whole new vision, a path of innovation and massive growth. Creating so much new content that I can’t wait to share.

Feeling satisfied and filled back up.

Every season has a purpose, and each gives way to another when the time is right.

Trust the season you’re in. Trust yourself to glean the lessons and gifts that will inevitably come. Live your joy and be where your feet are until clarity and direction drop in.

It’s a good life.

Even in the challenging seasons.

Because that’s when we’re most primed to plant new seeds (if we’re doing our deeper healing work), and those seeds will always blossom in their right time.


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