Just Do This One Thing (That’s It)

May 1, 2019

When you’re building your brand, business, marketing strategies, and offerings… it can feel totally overwhelming.

I know this because I’ve been in the process of completely revamping my business (AGAIN). The vision I hold for what’s next is HUGE, and it’s absolutely paralyzed me at times, leaving me frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused.

But then I remember that I only have to do one thing:
The thing that’s next.

Growth, creation, and making big things happen is actually very simple: You just choose a place to start and you do that one thing.

If it’s too big and amorphous to do… you break it down until there’s something you can do right now (or at least at some point today).

And then you do the next thing.

That’s it.

The starting is the hardest part, which is why I advocate for picking something you can do today, and just starting with that. Momentum is everything, and all momentum begins with a tiny, achievable action. It really doesn’t matter what the first step is, as long as it’s something.

There are times that I’ve chosen the not-most-important-but-small- and-manageable tasks on my list before the thing that actually needs to come first… because it’s something I can do. It’s something that will get me in motion and start forming a groove that makes everything else easier.

The truth is, you KNOW what the next thing is, even if that’s just “I need help figuring out what the next thing is!!”

If that’s the case… who can you ask? Can you hire a coach? Is there a book or blog on that specific topic? Can you consult Google or related forums? Can you join a program or online community with other business owners?

You don’t need to spend money to figure it out unless that works best for you, but sometimes it’s just a matter of getting outside perspective, reflection, and accountability.

Just do something.


And then do something else.

Rinse and repeat, and don’t overthink!!

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