Letting Go and Leaning Into What’s Next

April 19, 2022

I don’t always love the unexpected twists and turns in my journey, but I’ve certainly learned to fall in love with the process of letting go and leaning into what’s next.

Aspects of this last year were… unexpected.

Pieces of that were beautiful and expansive, growing and healing me at whole new levels. And parts of it were challenging, traumatic, and disruptive to my sense of self and growth. There was chaos and confusion alongside calm, comforting connection.

So much changed.
So much was revealed.
So much fell apart.

Yet, every time I’ve released my grip and surrendered to the unknown, the unfolding, and the uncertainty, more and more has come together.

Inside myself, my business, my life, and my relationships.

Letting go and leaning into what’s next is never without grief and growing pains, but I built up my trust muscle and ability to come back to myself over these months of change and transitions. I gathered and reinforced vital skills throughout the breaking down and rebuilding, and I feel oh so ready for what’s next. I striped myself and my life down to the bones, laying a whole new foundation. The magic that’s come gives me so much optimism and excitement for what I’m building.

Don’t be afraid to let go and lean into what’s next, even when “what’s next” is wildly unclear and uncertain, and the process rocks you at the deepest depths.

Every ending is a new beginning, every breakdown is an opportunity to break open, and every redirection is a chance to open to entirely new possibilities.

Trust and release.

There’s magic on the horizon.

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