Life’s Too Short to Compromise

March 8, 2021

Should you abandon the path you’ve committed to walking?

We often make decisions that seem good for us, decisions we see as concrete and practical. Only to realize, a short while after, they’re not.

So what should you do if this is you right now?
Should you persist and keep going or stop and pivot?

The answer lies in discernment and learning to tell what’s really on the path in front of you. Is it just an inevitable roadblock we all happen upon, or did you realize in your heart this path isn’t for you at all?

If it’s a roadblock, don’t give up too soon. Don’t throw in the towel completely over the first (or 15th) obstacle you hit. They’re par for the course, especially when we’re doing something new and different.

However, don’t keep yourself on a path that deep down you know isn’t right for you. Sometimes it takes starting something to realize it’s wrong for us. Sometimes it’s a necessary detour to find clarity, gather skills, or gain new insights. It’s not for nothing, but you shouldn’t force yourself to “see it through” just because you started. Just because you’re afraid of what others will think or you believe it makes you a quitter.

People change, things change, you change. If somewhere along the way you realize you’re no longer on the right route for your goals, then, by all means, pivot and don’t waste your time anymore.

This makes you wise, self-loving, and committed to your purpose.

Life’s too short to compromise.

Trust yourself.

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