Make the Impossible Happen Workbook – Stephenie Zamora Media

The secret to making impossible things happen isn’t a secret. It’s a process.

Whether you want to find healing and a new sense of wholeness, uncover your purpose and organize your life and work around it, or create lasting transformation in your career, health, relationships, and bank account… the path to making it happen rapidly is the same.

There's a methodology for making the impossible possible and moving it into a reality quickly, and that's exactly what you'll walk through in this simple and powerful FREE workbook!

This process has my clients make massive shifts faster than they ever believed possible:

Heal from challenging chapters, find their footing again after big life transitions, and experience more freedom and joy.

Uncover their true purpose, claim the life they want, step into their fullest expression, and build a profitable, purpose-driven business.

Reclaim their health, make more money, start traveling the world, find their ideal partner, build incredible communities, and so much more!

I got more done in three months than I had the entire previous year! If you want to work with someone who will hold you accountable and help you make your dreams a reality, then I highly recommend Stephenie as a coach.

I am on my way to obtaining my bachelors degree, I have reinvested in my own business, and started really focusing on my fitness. I am much happier and much more productive; laziness is a thing of the past!

I’ve personally used this process to:

  • 5x my income—going from roughly $30k to over $150k in less than one year.
  • Buy the perfect camper for off-grid living within six months of envisioning it.
  • Magnetize phenomenal opportunities for exposure (like writing for The Huffington Post and Thought Catalog) — without even trying.
  • Heal from sudden loss and PTSD, along with adrenal fatigue, dysphagia, and severe back and hip pain caused by a whirlwind of trauma and abuse.
  • Call in an incredible community of friends, entrepreneurial partners, coaches, guides, and healers as I needed them throughout my journey.
  • Attract clients I adore who have missions that align with mine, are willing to pay me what I’m worth, and are happy to work in the ways that best suit me.
  • Cultivate a strong sense of self and truly unshakable joy — I know who I am and the work I’m here to do, and every day feels like a deeply fulfilling gift.
  • And so much more!!

Anything that feels impossible is simply a clue around where we need to make very specific shifts, adopting a new paradigm from which to engage with everything and everyone around us. You'll learn the exact process in this workbook!

Hi! I’m Stephenie Zamora, and purpose is my purpose.

I'm a life and business coach, theauthor of Unravel and Awesome Life Tips®, and host of the Tales from the Journey Podcast. My work has been merging the worlds of personal development, healing, digital media, branding, and online marketing to help individuals build purpose-driven lives and businesses for over a decade.

My work helps catalyze individuals on their healing and growth journeys so they can uncover the purpose of their path, step into who they're here to be, and do the work they're here to do. We do this through several distinct verticals that follow our proven five-phase process and house a variety of digital media content, educational programs, inspirational and motivational products, and services to support their growth at any scale.

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