My Life Isn’t What It Was Seven Weeks Ago

February 18, 2023

My life isn’t what it was seven weeks ago.

My business has expanded and shifted in ways I wouldn’t ever, in my entire life, have expected—in fact, I’d have laughed in your face if you told me I’d be standing where I am now. I’m saying, feeling, and doing things that would shock so many versions of my younger selves that it’s downright amusing (as well as so many people who know me well).

I’m insanely grateful for it all.

Every last unexpected bit.

And it’s a direct result of the healing and growth work I sank into over the last two years. It’s a byproduct of my aggressive commitment to face everything broken in my heart and soul with an intention I’ve never known until now.

The work was confronting.

It was challenging beyond belief.

It asked me to find a strength in my spirit that grief, trauma, and abuse stole from me.

It demanded that I summon fierce courage and leap wholeheartedly into so many unknowns that jarred me awake again.

The work was confronting, but it was also revealing in the most beautiful ways. It expanded my capacity and dissolved every block that kept me small and fearful. It opened my heart and led me into a gentle surrender that aligned me with the best and most precious pieces of my life and work.

This work is the worst, but it’s also the most life-giving experience you’ll ever gift yourself.

I’ll say it again and again until the day I die, and even then, it won’t be enough: I’m endlessly grateful to that younger me from two years ago who was braver and bolder in every insane and soul-stretching way that living this preset storyline required.

She was broken, but she was brave.

Like every iteration of self since loss and trauma tipped me over and poured me out eight long and heartbreaking years ago.

We’re about to go on an epic healing, alignment, and expansion journey, friends. And I’m going to share every one of my wild and magical stories to show you that these processes I teach work when you LIVE THEM fully.

It’s not too late to hop on my list for early access and special pricing for all things.

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