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October 7, 2010

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment. I absolutely love this place. We are living in an elevated town with a beautiful view of the ocean and our community is nice and quiet. One of the downfalls of our last place was the noise level. Our neighbors in the community behind us played pool around the clock and the front side of our building faced two very busy, very loud roads. Roads that also sounded like the only route for every ambulance, fire and police dispatch. Not really the best scenario when working from home and conducting conference calls with clients!

I’m also super excited about the new setup because it involves an office space down the road. While we’ve had our own offices (rooms) at the last two places we lived, we’ve found that working from home together has taken a toll on our relationship. Seeing each other all day, every day is not conducive to a happy, loving relationship. It also causes the work day to meld into our evenings and every moment we’re together to revolve, in some form, around work conversation.

Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to learn of a very nice, air conditioned and dehumidified storage space near the area that we wanted to live… I know that sounds odd, but this storage place rents out lots of office spaces! In fact, just the other day when we went to drop some things off, we saw several people working in their “stoffices” and there is also an auto detail business that works out of a couple lower level storage spots. Ingenious!

Overall, the move went well. We were fortunate enough to have some help from friends and family which made the transition a lot less bumpy than it could have been. Now it’s just a matter of getting set up and situated! I’ve been working on my office between client work the past couple of days and it’s coming together nicely. Picture will be posted soon!

That and more posts, because I have SO MUCH TO SAY!

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