Focusing on Pleasure, Joy, and Self-Care

March 10, 2021

If we want to align ourselves with fulfilling work and a truly delightful life, we have to prioritize pleasure, joy, and self-care.

We have to do more of what makes us feel most like ourselves and bring magic and meaning to every moment, especially to the things we don’t enjoy.

When we do, we engage with the world from a place of gratitude. We feel loving, energized, and deeply joyful, all the things that allow us to call in more of what we desire with ease.

I personally witnessed the power these things had on my own life before loss and trauma came along and sent me into survival mode. And it was incredible. My life expanded exponentially in so many ways, naturally and organically.

Because I was in joy.
Because I focused on self-care.
Because I made pleasure a top priority.
Because I brought magic and meaning to every moment.

In this new vlog, I’m sharing a little bit of how this came front and center for me and why it’s so important!

I hope you’ll answer some of these questions for yourself.

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