Foundations for Unshakable Joy™


You’ll rediscover who you are, uncover what you’re passionate about and, start building a life (possibly even a business) around it more rapidly than you thought possible. Without these foundational pieces in place, you won’t be able to make the changes you want to make! Don’t set yourself up for failure through bypassing this process. I’ve made it easy to follow, implement and stay motivated.


Here’s exactly what you’ll get from this program:

  • An honest assessment of your life right now showing what seemingly “small” issues are creating massive negative impacts (a.k.a. huge “aha!” moments that instantly change your life).
  • Clarity around what exactly you want out of life and what it will take to make that happen (because your dream life? Totally possible, I promise).
  • A clear, step-by-step action plan that will get you there with ease, eliminate ALL obstacles, and prevent you from throwing in the towel at any point during your journey. It’s all smooth sailing from here!
  • Tools to prioritize what’s most important for you so that you’re able to stay motivated, feel energized, and MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN. in your life. Finally! Regularly! Permanently! 
  • Three life-altering exercises that shift your mindset in ways that produce massive, instant and joy-filled results in all areas of your life. Cue more confidenceclarityconnection, and full out self expression!
  • A fire in your heart and under your ass like you’ve never experienced before! Laziness, procrastination, and lack of motivation are a thing of the past!
  • Your very own loving and supportive tribe of individuals on the same journey as you. There is nothing more powerful than having people in your life that lift you up, believe in you and hold you accountable to making your dreams a reality! We’re talking life-long friendships here!

You’ll receive these life changing benefits through six massively transformational modules delivered via video, written content, and printable PDF worksheets weekly, all housed inside the private membership site along with fantastic bonuses.

Plus, you’ll receive these awesome bonuses:

  • The Motivation Method that helps you blast through that “tired, blah, no energy” feeling you experience at the end of each day. Say goodbye to evenings zoned out on the couch and nights where you fall asleep disappointed that you “wasted another day” not getting anywhere. This bonus includes an awesome cheat sheet on what to eat for energy by Heather Pierce as well as a motivating and energizing workout with Erin Stutland! (Value $197)
  • The Starting Your Day With Intention mini-workshop that walks you through the step-by-step process of creating the perfect morning routine for YOU and YOUR LIFE. This routine is essential for creating a life that you LOVE, maintaining energy throughout your day and keeping you inspired and motivated to make the changes you so deeply desire to make. It includes special guest experts Lisa Consiglio Ryan on juices and green smoothies, Danielle Diamond with an intention setting yoga routine, and Jean Compton with a very special guided meditation! (Value $197)
  • The 4-Week Guide to Financial Freedom by Karie Hill, Financial Freedom Coach for Women. Because I know that money can feel like the biggest block between you and living a life that you truly LOVE, I asked Karie to create this guide to lead you through an inside-out money transformation! (Value $97)
  • The Master Your Mindset Bundle! This bundle contains my best Acupressure Recordings for releasing self-doubt, growing that internal belief and sense of possibility, and shifting your biggest money blocks and fears so you can begin to build that passion-based business and lifestyle you so deeply desire. (Value $497)
  • The Rock Your Relationship audio interview featuring Diana Dorell, The CEO Psychic™/Relationship coach. In this interview Diana breaks down how you can re-wire your subconscious to start tuning into your intuition and attracting what you REALLY want in love. (Value $97)
  • Learn Your Manifesting Basics with an “Intro to Manifesting” audio interview with Briana Borten. Briana answers the most common questions around what manifesting is! You will walk away with solid steps to manifest the life of your dreams. Additionally, Kelsie Mc Sherry will guide you through the visualization process and help you clear out worry, doubt and fears with TWO powerful meditations! (Value $97)
  • The Ongoing Evaluations and Goal Setting Guide to help you evaluate what’s working and what’s not, so you can make adjustments in order to continue moving forward with ease when it comes to your goals. (Value $47)
  • The Complete Guide to Overcoming Fear that will help you see fear as fuel and keep it from derailing you as you work towards your goals. See fear in a completely new light! (Value $197).

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