Regain Your Spark

February 27, 2019

It’s taken a lot for me to regain my ‘spark’ in the aftermath of grief and trauma, and it’s something I continue to work at.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m healing and finding new definitions of wholeness. I’ve fought my way back from the many physical manifestations of my trauma. I’ve rebuilt my business to be better and more aligned than it was before.

But there’s still a tiredness in my bones. Not exhaustion… not apathy… not a ‘can’t handle it’ mentality… more restful. Just this sense of simple appreciation to be here. To feel content and able to enjoy my life and do work I love. To be so far out of harm’s way my nervous system can settle into a calm I lost for far too long. To still be here despite it all.

It’s a good place to be, and I’m also aware of how it keeps me small. Showing up, being more visible, growing my message and business to a whole new level takes work. It requires a kind of devotion not many are willing to give.

And I get it.

These restful places are all things lovely.
They’re quiet, spacious, easy. 
Filled with contentment and simplicity.

But I believe we’re wired to continue growing. The universe itself is endlessly expanding… actually, really, truly… which means we are being called and pulled to expand as well. 

It’s okay to be content.
It’s okay to be in a place of rest.
It’s even okay to feel worn out from the journey.

But don’t let it keep you small and lead you to stagnation. Don’t let it be the reason you never find out just how much you’re capable of creating, achieving, and experiencing. Don’t let it deprive the world of your gifts.

It feels like slowly waking up from a long nap after the chaos of a nightmare. I know. Be gentle with yourself, but get back up and step into what’s next.

The world needs you to.
And I’m right here doing it with you.

Here’s to waking up. 💕

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