Resounding Confirmation That I’m on the Right Path

October 1, 2022

I’ve been working on branding and mood boards for the new evolution while brainstorming with brilliant friends and looking for creative collaborators to help me bring certain aspects to life.

When I’m not in business mode, I’m in off-grid camper mode, watching videos, doing maintenance and interior work, and figuring out what needs to happen to get moved in.

There are moments that bring me peace in both.

Moments where I sit in awe of this life I’m living and this business I’m building, feeling the bigness of the visions and the possibilities that are opening to me.

Moments where the contrast is sharp, and I feel so grateful for all the times I trusted (and broke) my heart so I could stand where I am now.

I think of the relationships I let go of.

The places and spaces I left.

The things I released when I reduced my life to zero.

Moments where it’s so apparent why those people, places, and things had to go because I’m finally living the life I’m here to live and doing the work I feel called to do—and everything that’s behind me was simply not a match. There simply was no space for this fullness of expression and bigness of vision for one reason or another.

Not to fault anyone.

Not to say my life is better or worse than theirs.

Not to say those things that weren’t for me don’t hold value and importance.

It’s just a resounding confirmation to my soul that I’m on the right path.

That every challenging and heartbreaking decision was right and necessary for me to live in full alignment. If the me that spent last year in confusion, heartbreak, and stagnation could see where we ended up, she’d have felt tremendous peace and trust, I’m sure of it. But the journey can only ever be what it is, and I’m immensely grateful for the path I’ve walked because it led me here.

Here is pretty incredible.

And it’s only leading to better and better.

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