Reverse Engineer Your Offerings

September 15, 2016

Today I’m sharing the final foundational episode in our new podcast series, Breaking Out of the Business Model Box! That means awesome interviews are coming NEXT WEEK, yay! Can’t wait to share.

Meantime, let’s dive into the last essential piece of how we actually break out of the box in our businesses… I’m sharing how to reverse engineer an offering for your unique personality and audience. I don’t actually like creating an “ideal avatar” like many traditional marketers teach. I believe in taking a slightly different approach which has allowed me to be very broad in my marketing in terms of demographics (attracting men and women of all ages and background), but always bringing in the most ideal clients possible for each of my offerings. Today I’m sharing the five essential steps to creating an offering that’s truly aligned and fulfilling.

My writing has moved to Substack!

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