See Every “Close, but Not Quite” as an Opportunity

December 2, 2022

Say no to what’s not aligned and set new standards for yourself.

Hold steady in those new standards no matter the temptations and regardless of the fearful desires for the “known and familiar.”

Life will begin to reflect the shift back to you with more, better, and different.

See every “close, but not quite” as an opportunity to expand your beliefs around what’s possible and learn to compound the gratitude, joy, and delight in every moment along the way.

Life will open to you, the universe will reconfigure around you, and you’ll wonder why you ever cried over people and things that weren’t aligned. More importantly, you’ll feel unbelievably proud of yourself for choosing to rise above and beyond the experiences you left behind because life only gets more beautiful and fulfilling when you learn to work *with* it.

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