Learning to Surrender to the Unfolding

November 10, 2021

Learning to surrender to the unfolding of living this life has been a process, but one that’s changed me for the better a hundred times over.

I watched this sunset from the back of my rig on an early fall morning, totally unaware of what the day would have in store for me and my life.

I decided to go at the last minute, and I almost turned around before I made it.

But I got there.

I watched this sunrise.

And this day gave me magical new experiences, deeper levels of support than I’ve ever known, and a wealth of opportunities to heal, grow, and align more deeply.

Trust in the unfolding, friends.

Every day is ripe with new opportunities and possibilities, new chances and changes you can’t see coming. Life can change dramatically overnight, in a day, and within just a handful of months. Energize faith over fear and surrender to the unfolding. Beautiful things are coming.

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