The Difference Between Change and Transformation

March 9, 2022

When we’re trying to make the impossible happen in our lives, we often believe it comes down to what we’re doing.

But the truth is, making the impossible happen requires true, lasting transformation—not just incremental changes.

That means we have to take a completely different approach than the ones we’re used to. What we do matters and makes a difference in creating what we desire, but there’s a deeper piece at play we often wholly overlook.

In this video, I’m sharing:

  • Understanding the key difference in transformation (0:15)
  • What we have to do to make the impossible happen (1:36)
  • Why “fake it ’til you make it” doesn’t work (1:50)
  • How we cause the world to reconfigure around us (2:27)
  • Questions to ask yourself for true transformation (3:11)
  • How to approach goal achievement differently (3:55)

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