The Goal Isn’t to Be Understood by Others

May 16, 2017

Over the last several years, I’ve learned that the goal isn’t to be understood by others… it’s to know yourself fully and completely, and to honor where you’re at regardless of what other people think or believe. It’s having the ability to stay rooted in what’s real and true, trusting those tiny internal whispers no matter what noise exists outside of you.

People will have opinions.
They’ll project their beliefs onto you.
Their fears will render them unsupportive.
And you’ll feel alone inside it all.

But that doesn’t make it wrong.

Some of the best decisions in my life and business were met with the most resistance and push back from the people around me.

Mentors and coaches, family and friends, clients and strangers. They told me not to create what I felt called to create, or do the things that ended up having the most rewarding impact on my business. Telling me I should stay and try in relationships that were completely wrong for me. Calling me selfish, pushing me to show up how they wanted me to, questioning my every move, feeling, or action.

The goal isn’t to be understood by others, though honoring what’s true for you will allow more supportive and aligned people to come into your world.

The goal is to create what you desire to create, to contribute in the way that only you can, and to find true joy, connection, passion, and purpose.

Whatever that means for YOU.

The goal is to show up fully, to become who you’re here to be.
Regardless of what other people think or believe.

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