Are You Ready to Uncover the Purpose of Your Path?

Download your personalized map for rising up and coming back from the darkest hardest chapters. Start creating a life, relationships, and business that’s truly aligned with who you’ve become in the aftermath.

Whether you’re struggling with grief, loss, trauma, heartbreak, a big life transition, or just feeling “meh” and stuck in life… you’ll walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of what journey you’re on right now and why you’re walking it.
  • Awareness of where you currently stand… and a clear vision for where you want to go or what you really want to create next.
  • An action plan for what needs to happen next to get there with grace and ease.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you register:

  • Instant access to beautiful, printable guidebook.
  • Printouts for mapping your own journey and creating your own “Hero Avatar.”
  • Access to digital guides on Turning Fear Into Fuel and Eliminating ALL Obstacles.

I’ll be sharing a tool from Joseph Campbell called The Hero’s Journey that consists of twelve core steps and three essential phases… and has absolutely changed my life.

The Hero’s Journey has served as a framework for how to truly rise up and come back from the most awful, heartbreaking chapter of my life. It was the missing piece I needed to finally choose to pull myself out of the grips of grief, to do the healing work, and to understand the purpose of the path I was walking. And not just “everything happens for a reason and one day you’ll see all the good and gifts and blah blah blah…” It was a key that not only served my own healing and recovery, but made clear what was next for me in every area of my life.

It served as a much needed map in a confusing and chaotic time, filled with unknowns… and I’m so excited to teach you about how it works, as well as how to use it for yourself.

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My name is Stephenie Zamora!

Are you wondering what “the void” is?

The name of this site is inspired by the French phrase l’appel du vide, which translates literally to “the call of the void.” It’s that common urge arising within perfectly sane and healthy individuals who have no desire to die, and to leap off the edge of a cliff. Have you felt it? I know I certainly have.

The concept of “the void” from the call of the void is one that has become intimately and passionately woven into my life over the last several years. The void in other words is gateway, the initiation, and the path into that pocket of deep connection to peace, inspiration, love, purpose, deep knowing, and source.

My first experience with the void was entirely accidental…

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Some of my top articles and videos on how to navigate the journey.

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