The Next Evolution is Coming

June 6, 2022

The next evolution of myself, my life, and my business is coming, and I feel that truth in my bones.

It’s a big one, full of edges that have been wildly terrifying to push and evolve through.

Edges that ask me to go beyond my comfort zone far more quickly than I feel prepared for. It’s shifting everything internally, and the externals of my life have begun to reflect that as the lessons, beliefs, and new ways of being take root and integrate.

It’s different from anything that’s come before, yet it’s so very, deeply me. It’s forcing me to ask what I’m supposed to carry forward and what I need to leave behind, which are challenging questions to face when you have over a decade of content and offerings so dear to your heart.

Either way, I’m excited and energized by it all.

I’m staying open and surrendered, allowing it to unfold.

I look forward to sharing when it’s time.

My writing has moved to Substack!

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