Trust Yourself to Know

April 6, 2018

What if, right? What if we could just trust ourselves to KNOW when we know? To honor what feels right and true?

Gaslighting is an epidemic we don’t talk a lot about… because we often don’t realize it’s happening. That’s the game. Gaslighting is when we’re manipulated into questioning our own sanity… our own reality. When we’re told that what we experienced didn’t actually happen, or that what we’re feeling and perceiving is wrong. It’s crazy-making. And when you’ve experienced a tremendous amount of it, you literally can’t tell what’s actually happening, internally or externally.

It’s often subtle, but it can also be overt. It can be a conscious tactic, or it can be an unconscious habit. Either way, it has a HUGE impact on our ability to trust ourselves.

When I talk to my friends about what’s going on for me lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of, “You sound really clear.” Because I am. FINALLY. After years of not being able to tell what was real and true—of questioning myself, my mind, my sanity, my reality—I trust myself to know. I trust myself regardless of what someone else might want me to believe. I no longer allow them to have a say.

There are times when we’re uncertain… and those are the times to explore. To feel in and lean in. To ask for help and seek outside perspectives. And there are times we just KNOW.

You can just know things.
Regardless of what anyone else has to say.

That’s allowed. ❤

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