What Is the Meaning of Life?

August 15, 2021

Meaning of Life

What’s the meaning of life?

This is a question that humans have asked forever.

And it’s the first thing I’m covering in our BRAND NEW series, Uncover the Purpose of Your Path! The answer is simple, though it feels frustratingly hard.

In this video, I cover:

  • What is the meaning of life? (0:25)
  • The two factors that influence what our purpose is (0:59)
  • What we often need in order to uncover our purpose (1:50)
  • Where we often get confused around what purpose is (2:15)
  • The key that clues us into our true purpose (3:10)
  • Why it matters that you do your work even if other people already are (3:33)
  • The first, unexpected step to finding your purpose (4:31)
  • Five questions you can ask yourself to discover your purpose (5:44)
  • How to thread the storyline of your purpose (7:16)

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