WordPress Website Design for Yoga Teacher

August 11, 2021

Website Design for Yoga Teacher

Stephenie’s entire process is was well thought out, communication was clear, and she and her team were always available for questions. They did not miss a beat. They delivered exactly what they said they would, on time, and they were really a pleasure to work with.

About the project:

This was a brand new website for Carla Tanz Yoga.

Carla wanted to create a new website that showcased her as the yoga expert she is and felt warm and inviting to her audience of busy women over 40 going through stress and transition. She had beautiful photos for us to work with and wanted a calming, neutral palette. We worked to keep the site crisp, clean, and easy to navigate, bringing in some small touches to give it a unique feel, like the handwritten script font and the mandala embellishments.

We build Carla’s site using Thrive Themes as a base, which means she can edit and update her site however she wants using their stable and easy-to-learn drag and drop features. We love providing Thrive as a base these days!

Website Design for Yoga Teacher

About the client:

Carla Tanz is a certified yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience. She helps busy women in transition and over 40 learn how to combat or reduce stress and overwhelm with a gentle, accessible yoga practice that helps them feel good—both inside and out.

Carla has a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from New York University, as well as over 450 hours of yoga teacher training from Five Pillars Yoga in New York. All of her education and experience anchors in the same passion, focus, and methodology: learning how people work, understanding what they want, and creating transformational, solutions-oriented experiences that produce the desired results quickly!

Carla believes that a gentle, slow-paced yoga flow is a meditative practice that builds strength and flexibility while calming the nervous system. This creates a powerful mindfulness practice useful in yoga class and everyday life.

Website Design for Yoga Teacher

Q&A with Carla Tanz

What does living your purpose mean to you?

Living my purpose is multi-faceted. Isn’t that true for most of us? First and foremost, my purpose is supporting my husband and two school-aged boys mentally, emotionally, and logistically. I love taking care of our home life, and being able to be both emotionally and physically present for them comes first. Raising kids can be exhausting, and taking care of a home lonely at times. I know this choice is right for me. It makes me smile. I feel most grounded and connected in my life when I am with my family helping them grow and navigate life.

My professional purpose, which I am fortunate to say is my passion, is to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin by practicing yoga. Life is filled with transitions and events which trigger all kinds of emotions and behaviors, some of which don’t serve us. I teach gentle, accessible yoga classes and workshops that support people to get to know themselves more deeply (literally!). As a result, my students make better decisions for themselves, navigate emotions more completely, feel well-rested, and they become more flexible and stronger.

How will your new website help you further fulfill your purpose?

Being an entrepreneur and becoming a yoga teacher gives me the ability to work in a field that feeds me mentally, spiritually, and physically. After I became a certified yoga teacher, I spent the first two years as a teacher marketing myself through word of mouth. Teaching yoga can lead to many different teaching paths, and I wanted to get experience before spending money on branding and messaging. After about two years, I realized I wanted to be perceived as more professional and committed to my craft as a teacher. I wanted to reach more people and create an online studio. My new website does all of that and so much more.

Creating this website helped me think more deeply about the role I wanted to play as a yoga teacher, refine exactly who I wanted to teach and why. The result is a beautiful new website which will allow me to spread my message further and take my marketing to the next level. Of course my business may shift and evolve but so will my website and other marketing. That is one of the magical things about online marketing. We can always change a page or edit copy, much of it myself. The opportunities for me to explore and learn how to promote my business are endless now that I have this website as my base to jump from.

What was your experience working with Stephenie and the team?

I loved working with Stephenie and her team. I was referred to Stephenie from someone I trust completely. When I looked at all of Stephenie’s work and her clients, I knew she was talented and experienced. I also liked how authentic Stephenie was in her own messaging. When we did speak for the first time, she was calm, smart, and kind. I knew I was in good hands. I purchased her Jumpstart package, and we were off. Her entire process is well thought out, communication was clear, and she and her team were always available for questions. They did not miss a beat. They delivered exactly what they said they would, on time, and they were really a pleasure to work with. (My previous career was marketing, so I know how off the rails these projects can go. Stephenie and her team are top-notch.)

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone trying to live their purpose?

There will be amazing highs and frightening lows. Find smart people you trust to support you through the ups and downs, and don’t quit.

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