You Have to Alter the Pattern

September 10, 2022

If you want to create different outcomes, you have to alter the pattern at play that’s producing the results you don’t want.

But it’s rarely the pattern you think it is because the one that needs to change radically is the basis of your winning strategy—the belief system that’s allowed you to be as safe, secure, and successful as you are right now.

So you might alter *a* pattern, but not that one.

Not the core behaviors you believe keep you “winning” to one degree or another. Not the ways you’re motivated to soothe your deep, unconscious core wounds by seeking praise, approval, and acceptance. Not the things you think are the glue holding your life, work, and relationships together.

But that’s exactly what needs to change.

It’s so terrifying to consider altering that you spin into justifiable reasons and convincing explanations as to why you can’t. It’s so baked into your identity and worldview that you can’t fathom another way of being.

But that’s just your subconscious at play. The same part that has you believing your winning strategy is working and in order to create different outcomes, you just need to do it “more” or “different.” Yet all that seems to do is keep what you want out of reach, and when what you deeply desire feels impossible, you keep returning to the patterns and behaviors that at least get you somewhere.

You can’t live your purpose if you’re unaware of your winning strategy, core wounding, unresolved traumas, and deep seeded limiting beliefs and worldviews.

These things are formed as a result of family, societal, and cultural systems so young that you have no control over them taking root and defining every aspect of your life. You’re so young in fact, that it becomes your default operating system, continually steering you further and further away from your truth.

You think you’re making conscious choices, but really you’re being run by this deeper subconscious programming.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can step into full consciousness and come home to the truth of who you are. You can learn new ways of being that make releasing your winning strategies and subconscious programming more easeful. You can create true transformation where you desire it, rather than incremental changes around things that don’t feel truly aligned.

Join me for Actualize so you can live your fullest expression, creating the outcomes you desire more rapidly than you knew possible.

We start Monday!

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