April Was…

May 7, 2014


The last snow of the Colorado season (knock on wood).

A surprise gift all the way from Japan!

Loads of self care, including bubble baths and beautiful bouquets.

The launch of my new favorite program, Your Passion-Based Business™!

Loads of new My Awesome Life Mastery™ members and a full heart.

Springtime walks, beautiful flowers, and a little bit of sun on my pasty legs.

Loads of snuggles with my two favorite little guys.

Lock picking workshop because, you know, life skills and whatnot.

Stepping into the feminine with polka dot wedges, red lips, and feisty fingers.

Late night vision boarding, new moon rituals, and creating a whole new direction.

Delicious watermelon, loads of smoothies, and lots of healthy new treats.

Half marathon training, new personal bests, and lots of recovery time.

Big decisions with the help of a deepening spiritual practice.

Chats with besties and late night talks with amazing women.

Space, lots of tears, hard conversations, and a return to the root of love.

Pushing myself deeper and deeper into my truth, stretching and growing.

Loads of gratitude, quiet moments, contemplation, and requests for guidance.

New beginnings, freeing closures, and loads of transition.

Exhaustion, rest, recovery, and rejuvenation.

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