September Was…

October 1, 2014


Cooler temps and loads of hot tea coming back in the mix.

Long walks at my favorite park and blooming plant babies on the balcony!

Life changing books about the masculine and feminine.

Getting creative in the kitchen with healthy snacks and treats.

Giant sunflowers, couch snuggles, and first bubble baths in the new apartment.

The start of my first home project, frames for the coming photo wall.

New, “loud” sunglasses that died all too quickly.

Tapas with friends of friends and cute finds in Boulder.

Loads of meditating with my abundance stones around big decisions.

Changing colors, favorite park, and loads of my favorites.

Lots of writing with my best bud in my lap.

Almost first snows, calming tea, and yoga with a friend.

Another visit to my new favorite spot in the world, and sheep!

My seven year Maxiversay.

New books, book signing with friends, and seeing the colors!

The start of stomping season (yay!).

Old tricks, new experiments, and a little R&R time.

Closing chapters and new seasons.

Massive and enormous levels of growing up, finally.

New projects on personal and business fronts.

Excitement, heartache, change, and trust.

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